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Speeding Up Your Initial Git Clone

I’ve been working with an Open Source project called NetHunter. For those who are into the InfoSec side of things, you may have heard of Kali-Linux. NetHunter is a project to bring Kali to select android devices. The project is run by Offensive Security which is the same organization that develops/funds Kali Linux.

My goal was to setup Jenkins for continuous integration. While tweaking the setup/configuration, the jenkins installation was running in a virtual machine within my home lab. Unfortunately, my home internet is horrendously slow (I live in a sparsely populated area) and doing the initial git clone takes a fair amount of time. I have jenkins configured to start with a clean environment each time, which means it has to do a full git clone for every job it runs. Due to the internet/bandwidth issues, this quickly became fairly painful.

In exploring around to see if there was a way I could speed up this initial clone, I stumbled across git clone --reference in one of the git manpages. It took a few minutes of experimentation to get it to work, but work it did! I was now able to do the initial clone from a local git cache on the machines hard drive!

Scaling Wordpress on Amazon AWS - Part 1

I recently had the opportunity to setup an Amazon AWS infrastructure. The request was for a scaling wordpress infrastructure that was highly available, redundant, and could scale to handle massive traffic (think, the slashdot effect) all while keeping costs as low as possible. This is how I did it!

(This is the 1st of a 4 part series)